Cannabeast Rewards Program

We love to reward our loyal customers. When you sign up to be a Cannabeast customer you are automatically earning points on your purchases! With each purchase you will earn ‘BeastBucks’. ‘BeastBucks’ can be redeemed at checkout for discounts on future purchases. Start earning now!

$1 Spent = 1 Point

50 Points = 1 BeastBucks

100 Points = 3 BeastBucks

300 Points = 10 BeastBucks

500 Points = 20 BeastBucks



15% Off Entire Purchase


How do I redeem Beastbucks

At checkout you will see a box that has the rewards you are eligible for available to select from. If you want to use your reward you can select the reward you want to use and the discount will be applied to your cart. 1 Beast Buck = $1


Where Can I see My BeastBucks

You can see the amount of rewards points available to you at checkout. The total points is located next to where you can select a reward.


What is the Value of Beastbucks?

1 BeastBuck = $1.00

You can save up your points for more value and even 15% off your total purchase once you reach 1000 points.